Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winsome Wednesday.....MacAdoo's Birthday!

Today is  MacAdoo's first it's Party Time!

I'm one year old!

Blow out the candle?......I don't know how to Blow!

All this stuff for me?
Yes, I am sitting in a booster seat....cause I'm only one!
I'm going to the Fur stealer soon.  I like my ruff and ready look!
When do I get to eat?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winsome Wednesday

Welcome to my favorite park since I was a wee pup!
Well, this actually happened on Tuesday.  Gma said  " Jazzi it's such a nice day let's go  to your favorite park".    PARK...OMD!     PARK?????  OMD!!!!!!!  
YES...get the Jazzimobile out and let's go....   

I love this place.....                                                       In the Fall....
In the summer..........
OH  NO... WHAT?????? 
 Get a little closer Gma.....let me see!



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winsome Wednesday


                                               Just make yourself comfortable MacAdoo!

Friday, October 4, 2013


OMD, OMD, OMD....I've been waiting for this day since October 3, 2012!. I invited MacAdoo to come on down from Baltimore for a "Taco Patio Party"
at my house.  Mac was supposed to bring sombreros for us to wear....butt he came empty handed....said he forgot!

Lucky for him, I have a collection of stuffs for decorating pups for special  occasions.

So, Anywho, we started off with delicious Margaritas....Ole` Ole`.

Then we said Grace.            Mac wanted to meet Grace. 

"Notice our lovely table, Mac? Flowers, fine china,
beautiful glassware...we are sooooo sophisticated here
in the Nation's Capital.  Don't you agree, Mac? 

  "Beautiful evening for a Pawty, don't you agree Mac?"

Gma made these especially for us
...fresh taco shells,
...fresh kibble, fresh cheese
....fresh, fresh, fresh
...their Yummy!

"what's the matter now?"

"Whadda ya mean ya never had a TACO?"

Gma:  "here sweety give it a try"

"Just eat and enjoy my little pal"

" I love the this Monterey Jack?"
"not bad,  can I get down now"

"Ok, it is a Patio  Party after all.....

Yummy, it tastes better down here.

"wanna toss for the last taco?"

"Ole   Ole    Good night....go home

Jazzi and Mac

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Already!

Look at all the balls he has.
That blue and orange one is MINE! 
Here is some of the stuffs I did in September....

I visited my brudder, Mac...we played biteyface and zoomies...
then when I got home I realized he had one of my favorite balls.
Now, I did take  it to his house for us to play with  butt
he wasn't supposed to keep it. And...It took a week before
his peep brought it back to me....jeeeezzzzz!


Last week I went to the Dogtor for my annual shots, my peep said "Jazzi
sit in the chair and wait."   "Wait for what?" I said..."the Dogtor to give the shot" said peep.   
"Shot"...I'm outta here!
Butts...I love Dogtor
I got the SHOT!
He gave me treats. I love him too!

My peep brother came from Florida for the weekend...
and did not bring my cousin dog "Buddy"...I was very disappointed.
Butt, grateful he didn't bring the cat (named Happy).


MacAdoo and I are getting ready for "Taco Day"  

See Ya Then!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Day!!!!!!

Today our friend Benny is hosting Hugs and Kisses Day...and .... here's my brudder MacAdoo getting a hug from "our kid".   And here I am getting a hug of mine own from "our kid"  are we lucky dogs or what!